April 2018 Ambassador of the Month

Olando Mendoza

Orlando come to us from the Visalia Rawhide he started as a Clubhouse Manager in 2015 working seasonally from April to September. His work ethic was quickly notice by the Arizona Diamondbacks players and staff and asked to travel within 48 hours of being on the job unheard of as a assistant but it happen for him. Eventually Orlando became the Host Clubhouse Manager for visiting teams without a Clubbie 2015 and 2016. It got to the point here teams would ask for particular salsas Orlando would make, or the homemade breakfast burritos his family would make to keep cost down. The guys would line up for food as soon as they got to the clubhouse.
In 2017 Orlando was asked to join the San Antonio Missions Staff as their Visiting Clubhouse Manager in Double AA team in the Texas League. In the Fall of 2017 he joined the Front Office Staff and is now the Ballparks Operations Coordinator his duties have increased with the new role , but has embraced it with same passion he brought into the Clubhouse.
Thank you, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Gil my new compadre! Crisela for always having a smile. This is a great moment I will always represent the Chamber and our Heritage with Grace and Honor.