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Tulare Kings Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

November 2020 Statewide Ballot Measures Recommendations

            Proposition 15 (Taxes)           NO vote on Prop. 15  

Split Roll. Requires Commercial and industries properties to be taxed based on market value despite opposition from county assessors who say it cannot be implemented. Initiaitve Constitutional Amendment. 

            Proposition 19 (Taxes)           NO vote on Prop. 19

Property Tax Portability and Transfers – Allows for broader portability of Proposition 13 tax benefits but increase property assessments on certain property following intergenerational transfer when beneficiaries do not reside on the property. ACA 11, Resolution Chapter 31, Statutes on 2020.

            Proposition 22 (Business)           NO vote on Prop. 22

Gig economy – Considers app-based drivers to be independent contractors and enacts industry-specific labor policies including minimum compensation, healthcare subsides and background checks. Initiative Statute. 


            Proposition 23 (Business)           NO vote on Prop. 23

Authorize State Regulation of Kidney Dialysis Clinics. Establishes Minimum Staffing and Other Requirements – Requires Physician on-site at dialysis clinics and consent from the state for a clinic to close. Initiative Statute. 

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